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Contact Information


Russell Brown

Chapter 13 Trustee

3838 North Central Avenue

Suite 800

Phoenix, Arizona  85012-1965


Phone: 602-277-8996


Office Organization Chart (pdf)


*Send plan payments only to the above plan payment address.


Trustee Address sheet and payment instructions (PDF)

View the aerial map showing the office location and parking (PDF)

(The Trustee does not validate parking costs.)

Plan Payment Information


Russell Brown, Trustee
P.O. Box 842480
Los Angeles, CA  90084-2480


* Cashier’s check or money order only.
* Put your name and case number on the check.


There are two vendors for which you may sign up for online  (electronic) payments to the Trustee:


(1) TFS:

      or by calling 888-729-2413


(2) CourtCompass


Creditor Refunds or Returned Creditor Payments


Russell Brown

Chapter 13 Trustee

P.O. Box 36172

Phoenix, Arizona 85067-6172


* For creditor use only.