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As a trustee, Mr. Brown will ensure that the interests of creditors and debtors are maintained in accordance with the bankruptcy laws. He is responsible for reviewing the repayment plans of debtors and assisting debtors in their performance under their plan. At the same time, he reviews debtors' documents and plans based on the requirements of the bankruptcy code and rules of procedure. A chapter 13 trustee also has the responsibility of receiving monthly payments from debtors and distributing the funds according to the bankruptcy code, federal rules of bankruptcy procedure and local rules of bankruptcy procedure.


  Phoenix Bankruptcy Court Building


 The purpose of this website is to serve as a resource to the chapter 13 community. The website is intended to provide debtors, creditors, attorneys, judges, and others the information  necessary to understand the chapter 13 process.

This website disseminates information to interested parties about Chapter 13 but is not an encouragement for an individual to file a bankruptcy petition.

Please note that the trustee and his staff do not provide legal advice. A bankruptcy trustee does not represent debtors or creditors. Parties in a bankruptcy case needing legal advice should retain a professional to represent them.

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8/21/2014: The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) has advised the US Trustee’s  office that the SSA will discontinue providing Social Security Number printouts effective August 1, 2014, to protect the integrity of the Social Security number and prevent fraud.  For proof of Social Security Number, the person/debtor will have to request a replacement Social Security card by completing the application for a Social Security Card [Form SS-5] and providing the required documentation.


Here is the link to the fillable Form SS-5:

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